When you have enough on your plate....

and need that extra hand to get things done!


Having been in Corporate America for over 25 years, I have seen what some of the biggest needs are in the Administrative field.  This is not always someone in the office!  Striving for excellence is my best trait, as well as saving companies money by working from home.  If my "boss" looks good, I look good....bottom line!


If you need an administrative assistant to handle those mundane tasks, but do not need someone in the office 24/7, then send me a message.  The testimonials you read on my page will confirm I work with honesty and integrity.  I do NOT see that a company should have to pay for a full time employee when all they need is part time help!  Email is candi.l.schultz@gmail.com or call 540-656-8367


Testimonial from our client

Subject:  Letter of Recommendation

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Ms. Candi for a position within your company. I have known Candi since 1999 when she was working with an electronics instrumentation supplier in Chantilly, VA. I was fortunate enough to stumble across the company she represented at the time. Through my analysis and evaluation of her company, I determined that this company would be able to meet our goals and expectation with the Navy. As in many industries, it is not the industries itself that prevail to be a great competitor, it is the people within the company that heightens the bar and goal for the company, as in this case, Candi was an asset. An asset that in my view, was dependable and quite knowledgeable in customer service in getting the job done.

From the onset, working with Candi and her company, it was worth noting that Candi had strong technical skills and business strength, she was focus and driven yet tempered by experience. I was very impressed by her positive attitude as well.

Indeed, I like to see and appreciate your most favorable consideration to her and it would be a great pleasure to see Candi succeed in her endeavor. 

Yours Sincerely,


Testimonial from our client

This letter serves as a personal letter of recommendation for Candi. Candi has worked both directly and indirectly for me and my project management team since 2003 as a contract administrative assistant. She has been responsible for carrying out all the necessary administrative activities associated with executing multiple capital projects that ranged in value from several hundred thousand to several million dollars. Candi consistently has performed in a superior manner and exceeded expectations. I’ve found her to be a very positive person and always willing to take on additional assignments. Although she was not a direct employee she acted as though she was and would insure the Company’s interests were her primary concern. She was excellent in dealing with multiple tasks and projects, and provided great support to all of my project managers.
In closing, I would like to convey that I believe Candi would be a key contributor and asset to any organization she was associated with.

RV Bosco, PE


Testimonial from our client

Having worked on several projects with Candi, I have always been impressed with her ability to solve the myriad of issues that can come up while maintaining the work load required. My experience with Candi has always been very positive. I found her very easy to get along with and very professional in everything she did. I feel she was an asset with respect to getting things done efficiently and correctly and she always knew when to ask, the right questions to avoid potential problems. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Candi again.
Donald J. Borowski, PMP



-Implemented a new filing system within a company that was used all across United States, for each facility within the company. 

-Handled a multi-million dollar budget to complete a project of over 140 production lines, within budget and on time.

-Equipment sales of 4 million dollars secured with government contract.

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